8 Sep, 2023

I had so much fun in this video jacking off my hot mate Rory. I had just finished taking Rory’s photos where he was stripping naked and getting very horny. There have been a few videos made with him now, but this is the first one where I joined in. I love how turned on he gets being touched. I started out teasing his cock and balls with a lubed up fleshlight. Then over on the bed he starts sucking on my cock. And I gotta say, Rory gives the best blow job. I realise that sucking on my cock is actually about to make him blow his own load. What a hot session this turned out to be. Make sure you also check out Rory’s other videos.

Behind the scenes
7 Sep, 2023

This is the behind the scenes video with the super cute Matthew Ricci when we met in Berlin. I was doing a series of solo shoots with some new guys I had met during my stay in Germany over winter. Matthew was a complete surprise package. The Italian twink was packing a tanned body and some nice muscles under all his clothes. Plus he is super sweet. I had such a nice time shooting with him. He had picked out some little white shorts, a jockstrap and blue Adidas socks for his first photoshoot. I was kinda getting carried away taking photos when I saw how brilliant the shots were turning out in this low light day in Berlin. And Matthew knew how to pull some really nice poses. I really liked the shots of him naked on the shag rug. We had fun making this shoot and the jerk off video afterwards. Matthew took home those blue socks too.

Photo shoot
5 Sep, 2023

I’m really excited to have my handsome mate Rory Hayes back in the studio. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other so I invited him over for a catch up and new shoot in the studio. Being the start of winter in Australia we picked out some jeans, shirt and boots for these photos. I can see that Rory has been working out a bit since I last saw him. He’s gotten much bigger in the arms and chest. We started out with some fully clothed photos before I get Rory slowly undressing. He always gets horny when he’s getting down to his underwear. I like these new early winter shots of Rory. Once we were finished taking these photos we had some fun together making a new video. I will also load it up later this week. In the meantime you can also watch Rory’s videos with Dylan and Byron.

2 Sep, 2023

My hot mate Andy rides on Beau’s fat cock in their first video scene together. The guys had been getting to know each other as they stripped each other naked in the photoshoot. Andy had gotten super horny while kissing Beau and sucking on his big dick. So their clothes came off quick when we started filming. With Andy stripped naked Beau picks him up and carries him into the bedroom. After sucking on Beau’s cock some more he backs up on it, letting Beau slide himself between his cheeks. You must see this video for the hot fucking action. For a while there Andy actually slides himself up and down Beau’s shaft. Andy has made some very nice videos with our mates. This one is really hot.

Behind the scenes
30 Aug, 2023

The first shoot of any new model is always exciting. I was really excited meeting Leo because I had seen some of the porn work he’d done back in the UK. He’s a wild boy and has done some wild stuff. I was pretty keen to get him shooting with our mates, but first I wanted to meet him and get him into the studio for a solo shoot. I found that Leo is really lovely. We had a really nice chat as I directed him through this photo and video shoot. I can’t remember why we picked out soccer gear for this shoot, but Leo looks great in those long socks, especially once he got stripped down to those socks. Leo’s photos look great! Most probably I was taking too many, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. We made a really hot video after this photo shoot too.

Photo shoot
27 Aug, 2023

I’m very excited about hooking up my gym mates Beau and Andy. I’ve had this pairing on my mind ever since Beau came back to do some new shoots earlier this year. Beau and Andy are always fun to have in the shoots. I knew they would get along really well. When I suggested they do a shoot together they were very keen. Since the shoot was in the beginning of winter we picked out jeans, flannel shirts and sneakers to start the shoot. I quickly got them undoing each others shirts to show off their perfect chests. There’s a lot of kissing between each position as we progress through the shoot. Initially I wasn’t happy with the warm lights in that room. But overall the photos and video look great! Andy looks so happy with Beau’s fat cock rubbing on his hole. This is one of my favourite pairings this year. I will load Beau and Andy’s first video together later this week. In the meantime you can watch Beau and Andy’s video with our other mates.

25 Aug, 2023

Liam Taylor’s fleshlight fucking video is here. After getting my cute mate naked in his new photoshoot, I grabbed the video camera to catch him stripping and pulling his cock out one more time. Liam is getting horny watching porn on the TV while I film him with his fat dick out. He grabs a fleshlight and slides it down his shaft. It grows even bigger inside the plastic fuck tube. I got him standing up and fucking the toy so I could get some close up footage. Eventually Liam lays back on the bed and brings himself to climax. I love watching Liam fucking that toy and getting himself off.

Behind the scenes
24 Aug, 2023

Take a look at this behind the scenes video with my beautiful mates Dylan and Nate. This shoot happened some time ago when we were doing a series of shoots together. But I didn’t want to miss including the behind the scenes footage from the shoot. This shoot and the road trip out to Bendigo are may favourite days shooting with Dylan and Nate. We always have fun making photos and videos together. The video from this scene actually ended up taking place in the hot tub. Make sure you take a look at that one too. Seeing this again today makes me want to do more shoots with the guys.

Photo shoot
21 Aug, 2023

Earlier this year I met our cute mate Liam Taylor. The 19 year old was keen to try out modelling in the studio. After explaining how the shoots work I got him over for a really nice photo and video session. It’s been a little while now since the first shoot so I got him back over to get some new photos and a new jerk off video. I like shooting with Liam. He’s fun to shoot with and has no problem jerking off while I film him. We did this shoot at the beginning of winter. We got some nice shots, but I wasn’t totally happy with the poor light we had that day. I’m gonna get him back for another shoot soon. Liam’s new video will also load up a little later this week. In the meantime you can also see his first video where he jerks off on the bed.

18 Aug, 2023

I love jacking off my horny mate Tom. We had talked about making a hot new video at the end of his nude photoshoot, but hadn’t planned what we were going to do. So I started this scene with Tom dropping his bathrobe and peeling off his jockstrap. Tom had got a beautiful big cock and a nice thick bum. I wanted to get some footage of Tom naked and wanking before I set the video camera aside to join him on the bed. Tom was already rock hard when I jumped on the bed and started sucking on his cock. Then I got a taste of his hole after lifting his legs high in the air. I love how turned on Tom gets when I play with his cock. I didn’t expect the next part to happen but it was pretty hot. When he got on all fours with his bum pushing back toward me I started tonging his hole deep. I was wanking him at the same time when I realised Tom was about to cum. I quickly grabbed a camera to make sure you don’t miss seeing his thick stream of cum as I milk Tom’s cock from behind. I hadn’t realised he was getting so close, so I’m glad we caught it.

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