Behind the scenes
1 Nov, 2023

Take a look behind the scenes as I direct Andy Conboi through a strip show photoshoot. Andy has been mostly tied up in shoots with our other mates lately. But at the end of summer I managed to grab him for this solo photo and video shoot. He’s one of my favourite models at the moment. Apart from his good looks he has a really nice fit body. I love this big legs and thick butt. For this shoot we picked out a tight fitting pair of underwear and long socks with Converse sneakers. You will see in this video how much fun Andy is to shoot with. I have invited him back over to star in this year’s Christmas shoot. In the meantime you can also take a look at Andy’s recent videos with Beau and Eddie.

13 Oct, 2023

Eddie and Andy’s steamy first video is going to be one of my favourite scenes of the year. I love all of Eddie and Andy’s shoots, but putting them together worked out great. They played and joked around a lot during the photoshoot. But when it got down to making a video, things turned a lot more serious. The clothes came off one more time as they make out on the couch. Andy gets down on the floor to suck on Eddie’s cock while his new mate lays back enjoying the attention. Eddie is a really good top so I was looking forward to seeing him riding Andy. He starts of slow but gains pace as Andy begs for more. Eddie looks great riding Andy and he’s not going to stop until he’s blown a load. You will see why I think this is one of best couple scenes of the year.

Photo shoot
8 Oct, 2023

One of my favourite shoots over winter happened when I got our cute mates Eddie and Andy together for this shoot. They have both appeared in some very hot scenes with our mates this year, but never in the same scene. It was time to get two of my favourite mates in to meet each other. We picked out some shorts, jeans and boots to start the shoot in. There’s some really nice shots of Eddie and Andy undressing each other and kissing along the way. Eddie grabs a hand full of Andy’s perfect bottom as he goes in for another kiss. I mad sure I got plenty of nude photos here too. But I didn’t want to go too far because we had a video to make as well. I’m really happy with the results of this photoshoot. I also got some great stills where they are just looking at each other between photos. I’m working on the video right now too. It will be loaded later this week. Make sure you also check out Eddie and Andy’s previous videos with our other mates.

2 Sep, 2023

My hot mate Andy rides on Beau’s fat cock in their first video scene together. The guys had been getting to know each other as they stripped each other naked in the photoshoot. Andy had gotten super horny while kissing Beau and sucking on his big dick. So their clothes came off quick when we started filming. With Andy stripped naked Beau picks him up and carries him into the bedroom. After sucking on Beau’s cock some more he backs up on it, letting Beau slide himself between his cheeks. You must see this video for the hot fucking action. For a while there Andy actually slides himself up and down Beau’s shaft. Andy has made some very nice videos with our mates. This one is really hot.

Photo shoot
27 Aug, 2023

I’m very excited about hooking up my gym mates Beau and Andy. I’ve had this pairing on my mind ever since Beau came back to do some new shoots earlier this year. Beau and Andy are always fun to have in the shoots. I knew they would get along really well. When I suggested they do a shoot together they were very keen. Since the shoot was in the beginning of winter we picked out jeans, flannel shirts and sneakers to start the shoot. I quickly got them undoing each others shirts to show off their perfect chests. There’s a lot of kissing between each position as we progress through the shoot. Initially I wasn’t happy with the warm lights in that room. But overall the photos and video look great! Andy looks so happy with Beau’s fat cock rubbing on his hole. This is one of my favourite pairings this year. I will load Beau and Andy’s first video together later this week. In the meantime you can watch Beau and Andy’s video with our other mates.

Behind the scenes
26 Jul, 2023

Have you ever wanted to see two boys from your gym stripping each naked? Well I got my wish over summer when I set up our two new mates Andy and Dante to meet in the studio. They were pretty excited to be hooking up in the context of doing a shoot too. They got along really well as they picked out clothes and started having their photos taken. I might have taken more photos than I needed in this shoot. I didn’t want to miss anything. You will see this turned into a really fun shoot with the boys. Make sure you also take a look at the video we made when we stopped taking photos. It has to be one of the hottest fucking scenes I’ve recorded. Dante is an amazing top and looks great riding his new mate Andy.

21 Jul, 2023

My beautiful mate Andy was super horny by the time we had finished taking a load of photos stripping and posing naked. So I grabbed the video camera to catch him stripping off one more time in this video. I was happy to see him slipping out of those tight denim shorts one more time and show off in some skimpy underwear, his cock already erect and ready to jump out. Over on the bed he backs up to the camera and starts fingering his hole. When Andy chooses a dildo from the toy drawer I can see where this is going. He’s putting on such a hot show and he’s not going to stop until he’s squirting a huge load. I was so impressed that I jumped up on the bed to get some photos of my beautiful cum coated mate.

Photo shoot
16 Jul, 2023

Ever since I met Andy over summer I’ve been wanting to get him back over for another strip show photoshoot. So before the winter break we made a date to get back into the studio to take these photos and make a hot new video. At this stage And had done just his initial solo shoot, and a couple scene with Dante. On this perfect bright day in the studio I had Andy try on some extra high Converse sneakers with some stripes long socks. I think Andy would look good in anything, but he looks especially hot in those tiny tight denim shorts with the long socks. Andy is so much fun to shoot with. You will say that in his photos and videos. After this photoshoot Andy raided the toy draw to find some to play with his video. The new video will also load up a little later this week.

21 Apr, 2023

Andy Conboi gets plowed by his new mate Dante in his first couple video. When the guys met for this shoot I knew pretty quickly they were going to look great together. There were some moments in the photoshoot where I could see them just smiling at each other. By the time we started the video part of the shoot I could tell they were ready to play and get off. We start with the guys kissing shirtless on the couch before Andy pulls out Dante’s big cock and starts sucking on it. Then Dante gets over Andy and starts fucking his mouth from above. I got in nice and close to see Dante rimming Andy’s hole, preparing him to take his dick. The fucking action in this video is really hot. I’m so impressed how well Andy takes it. We end the scene with Dante busting his load on Andy. This is one of the nicest pair ups we’ve had between our mates. I can’t wait to get the guys back for more.

Photo shoot
16 Apr, 2023

I’m pretty excited about this shoot with our beautiful mates Dante DeMoro and Andy Conboi. It’s actually the first couple shoot for both of them. Usually I would pair the guys up with one of our more experienced mates. But I couldn’t wait to get my two gym mates together. And it worked out really well. Both Dante and Andy are really lovely. We had fun picking out some cute outfits while they got to know each other. In the studio we got do to taking a lot of photos while the boys kissed, pulled each other’s clothes off and fooled around a bit. Dante was getting really turned out while Andy was sucking on his big cock. So I hurried the photo session to an end so we could get on to making the boy’s first video. This gallery is a little larger than normal. I didn’t want to miss any of the hot moments between them. Dante and Andy’s first video together will also load up later this week.

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